Empowering Innovation at HITEX

Hawler International Technology Exhibition (HITEX) has established itself as Iraq's premier annual technology and electronics exhibition and conference. With a bold vision, HITEX

Empowering Innovation at HITEX
July 29, 2023

Hawler International Technology Exhibition (HITEX) has established itself as Iraq's premier annual technology and electronics exhibition and conference. With a bold vision, HITEX aims to become the leading international tech and electronics event in the region. Its primary objective is to facilitate market entry for both local and international companies, thus driving the growth of the domestic market. By partnering with top-tier international companies and offering high-quality products, HITEX strives to elevate industry standards and foster innovation.

The journey of HITEX is a testament to its remarkable achievements. From its modest inception in 2019, the exhibition has experienced exponential growth, culminating in its position as the largest exhibition in terms of both visitor turnout and business transactions by 2023. Over the course of five years, HITEX has persevered, building its brand and reputation as the go-to event for technology and electronics.

HITEX 2023 was a four-day extravaganza that attracted an impressive attendance of over 48,000 visitors. With 121 companies representing 21 countries, the exhibition provided a global platform for exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge products and services. It also served as a catalyst for business transactions, with over 1,800 contracts signed during the event. Moreover, HITEX placed a spotlight on 32 startup projects, offering them a valuable opportunity to gain exposure and connect with industry experts. The event featured 21 local and international speakers who shared their insights and expertise, while 17 local influencers added their unique perspectives, creating an immersive and inspiring experience for attendees.

The resounding support received by HITEX from the Kurdistan Regional Government, particularly through its IT department in Erbil, and the backing of the Iraqi government through the Ministry of Communication, the Communications and Media Commission (CMC), and the Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company (ITPC), further emphasizes the exhibition's significance. As the largest exhibition in Iraq, HITEX solidifies its position as a pivotal event in the country's technology and telecommunications landscape.

HITEX remains unwavering in its commitment to promoting the highest standards of quality and professionalism in its collaborations with international companies. By introducing the best international products and technologies, HITEX not only enhances the local market but also grants consumers access to world-class innovations. The exhibition recognizes its crucial role in contributing to the development of Iraq's local economy. Consequently, HITEX is dedicated to supporting local businesses by helping them expand their reach through effective marketing and distribution strategies. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise, HITEX fosters a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within Iraq's tech sector. Organized by Red Eagle Expo Company LTD., HITEX continues to ensure the success of exhibitions and conferences.

In summary, HITEX stands as the pinnacle of technological advancement in Iraq. Its continuous growth and accomplishments have cemented its position as the largest annual exhibition and conference for technology and electronics in the country. With a clear vision for international recognition, HITEX remains dedicated to facilitating market entry, promoting high-quality products, supporting local businesses, and contributing to the development of Iraq's local economy. As it moves forward, HITEX will continue to shape and drive the technology and electronics landscape in the region.

Farhang Bradosti is a Kurdish tech entrepreneur, organizer of HITEX for the past five years, CEO and Founder Lucid Source. 

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