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Kurdistan Chronicle is a non-partisan monthly magazine in English, published in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Kurdistan Chronicle provides timely and informative coverage of news, politics, culture, history, business, and more. The print edition is released every month while the website publishes news daily.

The content found within Kurdistan Chronicle covers a wide range of topics from politics, culture, economics and more. It also features interviews with prominent figures in Kurdish society along with opinion pieces written by local and international writers and journalists who provide valuable insight into issues affecting everyday life throughout the region. Additionally, this publication serves as an educational resource for those looking to gain knowledge on various aspects related to Kurdish history, culture, politics and practices that may not be widely known outside of its borders.

Kurdistan Chronicle seeks to provide an objective voice for readers across Kurdistan by combining professional journalism with diverse perspectives. It also serves as a platform for public debate about current affairs within the region as well as those affecting it from outside sources such as neighboring countries and world powers.

In addition to its journalistic mission, Kurdistan Chronicle also works closely with civil society organizations and NGOs operating within Kurdish communities around the world to promote their work through interviews, opinion pieces and editorials which highlight their efforts towards improving conditions locally or globally for Kurdish people living abroad who may not otherwise have access to information about what’s happening back home in Iraq’s semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan.

Overall, this publication provides an invaluable service, not only informing but connecting people throughout the Kurdistan Region, regardless of location, allowing them to better understand one another's experiences while staying up-to-date on events shaping lives there today.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision at Kurdistan Chronicle is to provide an objective voice for readers across the region and the world by combining professional journalism with diverse perspectives. We strive to be a reliable source of news and information, while also providing unique insights into the culture and history of Kurdistan. Our goal is to create a platform where people from all backgrounds can come together, learn more about each other’s experiences, share their stories, and engage in meaningful dialogue.


When submitting articles for consideration for the Kurdistan Chronicle printed press, there are several key elements that must be taken into account in order for them to be accepted. The first of these is ensuring that all content submitted is original work and has not been published elsewhere. This includes both online and print publications as well as any other form of media such as blogs or podcasts. Additionally, articles should range between 800-1200 words in length and use American spelling where appropriate.

It’s also essential that writers provide unbiased and non-partisan material when writing their pieces; this means avoiding topics with extreme political views and/or language which could potentially alienate readers from different backgrounds; we must also be mindful of opinions on certain matters discussed within the article itself. Furthermore, authors should include a short bio along with a headshot. Lastly, if no response has been received after seven working days then writers have every right to withdraw their article from consideration at that time if they wish - they must just ensure that they inform the publisher beforehand!

In conclusion, it should be ensured that submissions meet all required standards needed before being considered by publishers: 1) submit only original content 2) keep word count between 800-1200 3) use American spelling 4) remain unbiased/nonpartisan 5) allow yourself seven days waiting period before withdrawing piece.

Please send your article to the editor-in-chief at: [email protected]

Editorial Board

Publishers: Botan Tahseen - [email protected]
Marewan Nasraddin Hawramy

Editor in Chief: Nahro Zagros – [email protected]

Managing Editor: Shamal Abdulla - [email protected]

Editor: John Bowlus
Geoffrey Ballinger

Co-Author: Jan Dost – [email protected]

Senior Reporter: Sardar Sattar

Graphic Designer: Hilal Celik - [email protected]

Features: Qasim Khidir

Website News Editor: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

US Desk: Goran Shakhawan

Photograph Editor: Safin Hamid

Photographers: Sabr Dri
Mohamad Dargalayi - [email protected]

Liaison: Aveen Howrami - [email protected]
Kurdistan Chronicle is a monthly English-language magazine based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Our publication focuses on topics ranging from politics and economics to history, culture, and beyond.
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